Biography Of Michel De Montaigne, French Philosopher And Philosopher

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Michel de Montaigne, French author and philosopher, was born February 28, 1533 near Bordeaux, France, into a family of administrative nobility and fortune that went back several generations. Montaigne 's father, a mayor of Bordeaux, home-schooled his son exclusively in Latin. When in college, Montaigne was not interested in the offered disciplines. In order to continue his family 's tradition, he studied law at a university. During his time in the French parliament, he befriended a distinguished scholar, who years later was an inspiration for his first essay on friendship. Montaigne was married at about thirty two years of age out of a sense of social duty. He started writing in 1569 and in 1570 decided to leave public office in order to immerse in reading, meditation, and writing. Montaigne spent a lot of time in the library located in his castle 's tower. Surrounded by a thousand books, he spent ten years working on his first two essais. Following their publication in 1580, Montaigne traveled Europe. After returning home, Montaigne served as the mayor of Bordeaux. During his second term, he witnessed the unrest kindled by the disagreements between the Catholics and the Protestant League. This historic period was worsened by the breakout of the plague. Following his terms in the office, Montaigne resumed writing but was interrupted by certain political events and was even briefly imprisoned by the Protestant League for being loyal to Henry III. Montaigne spent his last…

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