Essay on The Issue Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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In the modern era, progression is constantly occurring through every aspect of life. People are focused on the current time rather than the future. The current effects people have on the environment with machinery and careless behavior is constantly destroying the ozone for the future. The controversial topic of greenhouse gas emissions is disputed about the hindering economic effects. Many believe the economic strain is not worth a greater debt. Those who believe precautions should not be made, only look at the economic side of the argument and ignore health warnings. Along with the economic strain, the health and safety of society is harmed by emission and little interest is taken into consideration. Although Dr. David Smith believes the economic decline is not worth reducing emission, greenhouse gases have harmful effects, and changes need to be made
Dr. David Smith is an extension program specialist at Texas A&M. He has a B.S. in agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University. His research interest include water resources and conservation along with landscape irrigation. Dr. Smith was recommended for this interview because of his vast knowledge of greenhouse gases and how they affect the environment. Dr. Smith was a prime candidate for an interview because he has had many years of experience, including greenhouse gases and how they affect the environment.
Through modern technology, the refinement process has been quick and accessible, which has lead to the common…

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