Economic Benefits Of Fracking

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Energy production, it is something that today’s world cannot go without. Many believe, though, that fracking to acquire Natural Gas is a non-efficient and a destructive way of doing it. This paper is not intended to argue the fact that is has no harm, but instead, that as of this moment in time there is no better way to mass produce energy than Natural Gas and fracking is the best method of obtaining it. The use of fracking to obtain Natural Gas is the most efficient, cleanest, and least damaging way to mass produce Natural Gas in today’s world. It is argued that fracking to acquire the gas from the ground is not the best way of getting it. This is claimed for environmental reasons, but when looking at the logistics of the process it is undeniably the most efficient. In an article called “The Economic Benefits of Fracking.” it states “Innovations in drilling and hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) have enabled tremendous amounts of natural gas to be extracted from underground shale formations that were long thought to be uneconomical” (Dews 1). The statement refers to the fact that with the process …show more content…
It is described in “Fracking is Not Harmful to The Environment” that to make it a “below-ground fossil fuel reservoir adjacent to the wellbore [drilled hole] is fractured.” (Freeman 1). This allows the gas to come through the ground from far distances without having to drill in numerous places which cuts down on the surface damages people would have with setting up several drill sites. Another point being that it only fractures the ground and does not cut huge tunnels and underground caverns like coal mining does. Fracking does not need the amount of space a Nuclear plant does in order to work. All of this together supports the fact that it is the least damaging of all mass producing

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