Benefits Of Fracking

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In recent years, there has been an increasing concern about whether or not should factories keep using fracking as their main method to extract oil and gas from the underground. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing can be defined as the process of drilling down into the Earth and injecting high-pressurized water mixture into the ground, creating cracks in the deep-rock formations and allows oil and gas to flow out of the wells. According to The United States Geological Survey, wastewater disposal used in fracking is the main reason leading to the instability of the ground (Susan Hough, This pressurized liquid is not only believed to cause most of earthquakes but also contains many …show more content…
It is obvious that once fracking is adopted, the industry will create thousands of vacant positions for unemployed workers, thus helping reduce the unemployment rate in the state. The benefit to economy Fracking brings about is not only offering jobs. As can be seen, the initial cost for start-up equipment is inexpensive, compared to valuable resources Fracking extract from the ground. Without a doubt, the net profit such practice generates is enormous. More appealing to investors is that Fracking can increases return on investment. Generating wealth is simple if Fracking is used more frequently, hence, the living standard of the citizens is lifted to another level and the state economy is greatly expanded. In addition to that, emerging markets like China, India and some countries in Western hemisphere have a high demand for energy and resources to expand further. By using Fracking to extract oil and gas from the underground, the number of exported goods will greatly increase. In 2015, it was recorded that exports of oil in the United States exceeded 100 billion of dollars, accounting for a percentage of 7.1% of overall exports from the country. Furthermore, Fracking takes advantages of liquid pressure to extract the resources. The principle of this process is to pump liquid into several layers of underground rocks to use the pressure on rock layers to exploit the resources. By which it means, this practice is not heavily dependent on drillings. Many oil fields and other sites of abundant resources have been discovered by scientists. However, extraction on those sites was a hard problem. The rock layers were too hard to use drillings method. Whereas, pressurized liquid is much more effective in fracturing hard rock layers. This will turn the previously unexploitable resources into mineral reserves and reduce the amount of time and effort used to find alternative oilfields that can only be

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