Essay on My Thoughts On My Stress

1120 Words Dec 4th, 2016 5 Pages
For as much as I wish that time goes by slower, I’m really glad to see the end of this semester. It’s been very busy and stressful, yet I’m proud of the progress that I made in terms of managing my stress. One of the methods that I’ve been using to manage my stress is constructive resting. Despite all my muscle relaxation that I learned in the past, I enjoy practicing constructive resting the most, because it helps me to let go of any physical pressure that I don’t need. I usually practice it after I meditate, so it doesn’t usually take too much effort to concentrate and put attention on my body. I taught constructive resting to a couple of my residents who were interested in meditation. I believe it is a good practice in terms of setting up a habit for meditation or any type of mindfulness practice, because students often get overwhelmed by the directions of sitting meditation or yoga. Alexander technique helped me with my prostration pose. Even now, I’m usually in haste when I practice, because I practice in the morning and I always feel I don’t have much time. However, thinking about my neck, spine, and leg not only slowed me down, but also taught me where my tensions were. It was amazing to see how slowing down my posture instantly bring my attention back to the immediate present. Also, being aware of my anatomy, particularly where my spine and leg bones are located, helped me immensely to relax my posture in everyday life. For example, when I was suffering from…

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