The Applications Of 3d Printing Essay

1948 Words Dec 4th, 2016 8 Pages
The term 3D (3-dimensional) printing is growing in popularity. This technology was invented by a doctor Hideo Kodama in Japan, 1981(Goldberg, 2014). However, the high costs of 3D printers’ system impacted the popularization of 3D printing at that time, and it is only in the past seven years this technology has become affordable for small and medium-size enterprise and even consumers. Nowadays, 3D printer already developed into variety of forms and the applications of this technology are dramatically increasing. 3D printing is supportive technology, it significantly enhances prototyping manufacturing, and encourages design freedom in others fields. This article will describe the innovation of 3D printing, explain the basic principles, and then illustrate their applications in the manufacturing and society. Finally, it will evaluate the contributions and drawbacks of its applications. The original 3D printing technologies were coined in the late 1980’s, and became a kind of rapid prototyping (“The Free Beginner’s Guide,” 2016). However, these technologies are extremely expensive during that period. Until 2007, the first under $10000 3D system was created (“The Free Beginner’s Guide,” 2016) and after that the price of 3D printing became lower and much affordable. Furthermore, 3D printing has become one of manufacturing mainstream use recently (Timms, 2014). Compared to traditional manufacturing, which may waste resources by subtracting materials or fabricating molds to shape…

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