Gutenberg Printing Importance

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The invention of printing/ press by Johann Gutenberg in the XV century was one of the events that completely changed the history of reading and the circulation of ideas worldwide. Gutenberg made his dream come true. After years of research and hard work, he took his hands assets in book form, printed with a unique and impressive technique, the press with movable type. The printing mold was not a new technique because of China and its gravure printing, but now, with the creation of Gutenberg shaping the types of printing in a much more resistant and durable material, it was much more effective and fast. The bulk printing made possible from the transforming the Western culture forever.
Gutenberg’s creation revolutionized the world as much as the computers are doing today. Computers are part of our daily lives, having its utilities in several areas and changing our lives. The first computers came to occupy the space of several floors inside a building and did not have the power of a calculator of today. In a few years they have been improving with new great advances. According to Carr “The computer, I began to sense, was more than just a simple tool that did what you told it to do. I was a machine that, in subtle but unmistakable ways, exerted an influence over you” (13). Taking as an example the banks, back in the old days, we did not get
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No one else send pigeons for messages and hardly anyone has to write letters. Most people uses their devices to send emails or instant messages, taking the place of the telephone call as well. Virtually, every aspect of our lives today have integrated computers to them. From instant messages, shopping and videos to the dark web, the computer opened a new world to be discovered, helping not only people to communicate, but also countries. We can say that the technology brought with the computers are one big factor of the globalization we are living in

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