Importance Of Internet Service

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Internet Service
“Technology is defined as the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science” ( Now a days, technology is one of the most important parts of life, for survival. It helps people to perform their work and do everyday activities in an easy way. Moreover, it utilizes resources in a proper way and saves valuable time. It is very hard for anyone to be far from the technological society. One of the most important technologies is the internet. Internet is very useful for individual and groups, for business and organizations, in communicating,
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Due to the internet, communication is becoming cheaper. Talking with their distance people is very easy. People can maintain contact with relatives and friends from anywhere. Email is the most common type of communicating media, which should have internet access to be send and receive. Voice call, video call, online chats with friends is another important use of the internet through different media like Skype, Facebook, etc. The world is being made smaller due to internet and communication.
Internet has huge use in the educational sectors. Students can find college and universities of their choice by surfing on the internet. People can search their courses and get important information. Online studies and distant learning had increased due to the rise in internet users. It helps getting useful journals, articles, reference materials needed for education and improving knowledge. It’s easy for instructors and students give and submit assignments
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People can watch online movies and different video clips of their choice. YouTube is highly recognized online media for videos. Playing games, hanging with different social networking sites, finding friends, and listening music are various benefits of internet.
Moreover, the internet helps the public to provide security and be alert. Different criminal records can be known with the help of internet. Police can investigate and track criminals online and make different governmental records. Also, internet facilities can help in the field of science, regarding facts and further investigations.
Internet is helping people to utilize and save their valuable time and money. The ability of internet to store many data, to perform tasks quickly, and its worldwide application database has made tasks much easier and less time consuming in almost every industry of the earth.
However, there are some misuse of the internet reported by some of its users. People are using the internet for hacking, data misuse and unauthorized transfer or copying. Also, fake emails and chat rooms abuses are another problem existing in the world. People are being cheated financially through different fake emails. The internet seems to facilitate child pornography and hidden camera

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