Important Changes In The 20th Century

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There had been many important developments, changes and inventions occurred in the 20th century. One of them is a very important invention, which literally changed everything in the world. The change is the Internet. It is of course related to invention of computers, but it achieved a more memorable success for two important reasons.

The main reason is that it makes life easier. As is known, you can do almost everything on the Internet. For example, I remember people used to wait in the line to pay their taxes, bills, and fines, and they wasted a huge amount of time for the waiting. Now with the recent developments, you can pay your bills, taxes and other important things online. You do not need to go to bank to withdraw some cash, take transportation
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Many people use Internet not only on their computers, but also on their cell phones and tablets. So, it is very effortless to use Internet to communicate with mobile devices, and there are also many apps that allow you to call or text someone for free such as whatsapp, skype, facetime, LINE and imessage etc. For instance, I have many foreign friends who live in different countries. I need to call or see them regularly since I really love to talk to them about everything. As many people know, calling abroad is such a huge burden for your phone bill, but thanks to Internet connection I can be in touch with them on regular basis. I can text them everyday on whatsapp, call them on Viber or have a video chat on skype or Facetime if they have an apple mobile product. All I need to do is paying about 40-50 TRY per month for the data fee and charging my phone to keep up with others. So, this experience clearly taught me that we don’t have to pay hefty bills anymore to communicate with others. All we need is an Internet connection, and then everything is easier and costs less.

In sum, some may oppose the idea of Internet being the most important change in 20th century. However, I believe not only it makes our life easier but also it allows you contact people quicker and without paying hefty prices. Everyone should be aware of the great benefit of having an internet connection

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