Outline: The Internet Negative Impact

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Internet Negative Impact
Charles Abou Jawdeh
December 15, 2015
Notre Dame University – Louaize

Internet Negative Impact
Thesis Statement: The Internet has many negative impacts on people because it leads to interpersonal, behavioral, physical, and work problems.

I. Interpersonal Problems
A. Weak Social Ties
B. Loneliness
II. Behavioral Problems
A. Depression and anxiety
B. Academic problems

III. Physical Problems
A. Obesity
B. Health Problems
IV. Work Problems
A. Financial Problems
B. Less Productivity

Internet Negative Impact

Internet has been growing a lot ever since it was created. Now the internet is spread all over the world and reaching each house. The internet facilitated many things
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The internet is disrupting the life of its users especially the people that are addicted to it by making suffer from problems such as depression and anxiety. “The extent of internet use increases depression and decreases self- esteem” (Syed, S.A. et al, 2014, p. 626). “Behavior is based on internal personal factors including cognitive, affective and biological events and conditions of the external environment that influence each other bi-directionally.” (Syed, S.A. et al, 2014, p. 626). A study done on 572 college student that heavily use the internet showed many problems like late evening use, social isolation and sleep disturbances and a decline in academic performance (Syed, S.A. et al, 2014, p. 626). Internet addicts in defense of their internet use become angry and resentful when their partner questions their internet use (Young, S.K., 1996). Young, S.K. said: “Dependents gradually spent less time with real people in their lives in exchange for solitary time in front of a computer. Initially, dependents tended to use the internet as an excuse to avoid needed chores such as doing laundry, cutting the lawn, or going grocery shopping. Those mundane tasks were ignored as well as important activities such as caring for children.” (1996). Also internet affected students academically. Young, S.K. added that even though the internet is a perfect tool for research, students have passed through strong academic problems …show more content…
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