Negative Effects Of Cyber Society

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In my point of view, I do think that cyber-society will degrade the quality of life for most people due to the Internet addiction. First of all, according to Felce and Perry (1995), Considerable agreement exists that quality of life is multidimensional. Coverage may be categorized within five dimensions: physical wellbeing, material wellbeing, social wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, and development and activity (p.51). In 2013, it was estimated that there would be 2.7 billion netizens worldwide. Leggatt (2012) mentioned that 61% of respondents in a survey were considered as Internet addicts. Netizens may not usually realize themselves of being addicted to the Internet. Actually, if your behavior matches with the following symptoms,
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Researches done by Barber (1997), Brady (1996) and Young (1998) shows that the Internet can lead to distraction to students on their academic studies. Although the Internet help people on knowledge exploration, in Young’s research, students underwent serious academic problems as they usually went to non-academic related websites. Griffith (2000) pointed out one of the reasons of achieving inferior academic performances was that students were more willing to spend more time in using the Internet, so less time was spent on studying. Frangos (2009) suggested a possible reason of students losing concentration on studying was that they used the Internet in midnight, which also contributed to a health problem. Conclusion
To sum up, every netizen has a risk to be an Internet addict. Negative effects of being an Internet addict will definitely degrade most people’s quality of life in four aspects: physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, social wellbeing and development and activity. In addition, Internet addiction is an issue affecting both teenagers and adults instead of just the former group of people. Netizens should be aware of being addicted to the Internet but not to neglect the negative effects

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