What Caused The Changes In The Twentieth Century

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Throughout the history of the twentieth century many events took place throughout the entire world. These incidents included both World War One and World War Two, the Cold War, and the Chinese Revolution, but it also included different changes within the multiple societies. Europe fluctuated between the industrial revolution, Marxism, imperialism, capitalism and communism, and even liberalism. Each country found themselves fighting for a particular ideology which created a strain within its borders. Consequently, the twentieth century differed tremendously compared to those prior to it. Yes, the centuries before hand faced difficult obstacles during their time, then again on the other hand, the twentieth century made advancements no one would …show more content…
It was not until the twentieth century when it greatly increased. The “twentieth century was the most violent.” World War One was the first most violent war. After the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand by the Serbian Nationalist everything blew up. The tensions of the six countries involved have been building up for years. There was Britain who was expanding their navy and then Germany wanting to expand by countryside. The Triple Entente—England, France, and Russia— and The Triple Alliance—Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy— had treaties that were written years before hand which caused events to escalate more and boundaries to be broken. Another war that caused mayhem was the Chinese Revolutions of 1911 and 1949. This war did not involve as many countries like the World Wars, but this created a violence within the country of China. The youth of China were determined to convert the country of China from a totalitarian country to a westernized country and they wanted to get rid of the traditions of China. The youth of China went through several protests, but in the end, China continued to keep their traditional values and to this day fear of going through another

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