Essay Existentialism And Its Impact On The World

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Philosophy is plagued by problem of split of theoretical and practical ideas. Just because it makes sense and works with variables held constant, or simplified models Ceterus Paribus. This truly manifests in the transition to the real world where things are not so simply, application of theoreticals never work the way they are intended. Both Nietzsche and Sartre suffer in these regards, existentialism is not designed to be fully adopted. What, if any ideas can even survive the conversion from hypothetical into singular humanity and eventually society as a whole. The entire existential movement is a rejection of the world to embrace the self. That may in fact be the largest problem, the rejection of the world and society. Can existential ideologies truly survive the test of the world if they reject it?
Nietzsche have never been a philosopher to mince words, he has never been one to be swayed by the the opposition, he would state his opinions like facts and embodied the strong germany philosophy combining with the birth of existentialism. He does not care who he offended nor did he care how he said things, after all the secondary title of twilight of the idols is How to Philosophize with a Hammer, Nietzsche willingly rejects the weak in both theoretically and in practice. “All truly noble morality grows out of triumphant self-affirmation. Slave ethics, on the other hand, begins by saying no to an outside, and other, a non self, and that no is it 's creative act,” (The…

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