Biology : A Major Part Of Science Essay

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Biochemistry Biochemistry is a branch of science concentrated on living organisms and their chemical processes. It has become a household name for itself in modern history as more and more developments occur and has encouraged scientist to not only pursue a medical career, but has branched out into research and bio-engineering to create a better life for an individual. In all, the area uncovers the way of the future and has found itself as a major part of science. Without the subject a lot of the inventions for better health, such as, vitamin D, or the way our metabolic system works would be unexplored therefore, would be as if the medieval ages were upon us as one did not fully comprehend how contaminated hands would effect an open wound.
The complex subject was a hard to reach area for new discovery for a good amount of time. For decades, there was a point where society did not believe there was much more to discover or capable of innovation after major pioneering in the field. Biochemistry was not considered a part of other subjects until Carl Alexander Neuberg from Germany became the father of biochemistry as he originated the induction of carboxylase and alcoholic fermentation, which presented in a process of enzymatic steps. The process became a critical part for future generations to understand how metabolic pathways worked and the result would be embedded throughout history for the noble contributions presented by Carl Neuberg.
Moreover, biochemistry was never…

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