Persuasive Speech: Attention Getter For Genetically Modified Foods

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Attention Getter: Imagine an apple. Imagine a crisp red apple with hues of green mixed in. Now grasp the apple and take a small bite out of it. The satisfyingly sweet taste of grape is spreading throughout your… wait, your apple didn’t taste like that? Mine did, or at least it could through the process of genetic engineering.

Listener Relevance: From our local Service Food grocery store to a Wal-mart Supercenter, we are living in an era where genetically modified foods are all around us. Since manufacturers are not currently required to label genetically engineered products, I can almost guarantee we have all unknowingly consumed something, at least once in our life, which was genetically engineered.

Speaker Credibility: I suffer from Crohn’s
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Preview: In our ever-changing world, there is an increase in local food becoming tainted with genetically engineered traits, so we are faced with the economic risks, attached with the practice, along with minimal government regulation.


I.Whether it’s called genetic engineering (GE), genetic modification (GM), or a genetically modified organism (GMO), it’s still the same thing and it is different than selective breeding.

A.Genetic engineering, while still a fairly new topic, has been on a fast track of development and production.

1.In 1972, Paul Berg and his team engineered the first recombinant DNA molecules by combining DNA from a monkey virus with that of the lambda virus. (Jackson,
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b.Terms such as "biotechnology" had the least amount of negative implication. (FDA 2000)

4. Scientists are able to isolate specific genes, which they can insert those genes into organisms, especially food crops, to produce specific traits. (Lallanilla, 2013)

a.Geneticists have created genetically engineered pigs that glow in the dark by inserting a gene for bioluminescence from a jellyfish.

b.Tomatoes have been developed that resist frost and freezing temperatures with antifreeze genes from the cold-water fish, the winter flounder.

c.New genes are introduced for a variety of reasons, whether it 's to grow higher yields, make crops more resistant to infection and pests, or even to infuse them with extra nutrients and vitamins.

1.The question of value arises in the debate between ethics and science.

a.Where do we have to draw the line between making advances for the greater good of society, and the unethical nature of playing God and creating a new organism because we can?

B.Yet selective breeding is different than genetic engineering because humans have been selectively breeding crops, thus altering plants ' genomes, for

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