Genetic Engineering Persuasive Speech

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Picture this: a world where everyone looks exactly the same--ridden with birth defects, religion has disappeared because people can control their environment with a simple insertion or deletion of a gene, and no one is sure of the future because every couple years, a virus that was supposed to harmlessly alter genes mutates to harmfully cause a deadly epidemic. Sound familiar? Maybe not yet, but at the rate we 're going, the world isn 't far away from the scenario just described due to the ever-increasing rate of genetic engineering occurring in today 's world. From genetically modified crops to mice that glow in the dark to bacteria that produce insulin, countless uses of genetic engineering have appeared in just a few short years, and without …show more content…
This is perhaps the biggest drawback of genetic engineering; using genetic engineering to create animals that only serve to benefit humans takes away their purpose in life and their ability to live their life the way they want to. Additionally, certain religious groups regard genetic engineering as 'playing God ' and frown upon it as degrading people 's religion. Some Christian denominations regard genetic engineering as meddling in God 's plan, and many of these forbid members from working on genetic engineering or using genetically modified medical treatments and foods. Genetic engineering in humans is especially frowned upon. Concerns about genetic engineering 's effects at the cellular level have led to uncertainties about using these processes on humans. Especially defined are the fear of increased birth defects, miscarriages, and stillbirths as a result of misperformed attempts at genetically engineering, leading to explicit restrictions regarding genetic modification of the human race. Even so, the idea of creating 'designer babies ' is still a popular one among the wealthy, raising more ethical concerns about the interference with the natural processes of fetal …show more content…
Although there are certainly advantages of genetic engineering, the risks far outweigh these benefits. Maybe the future described at the beginning of this paper isn 't far off. Maybe it is. Maybe concerns about the dangers of genetic engineering are totally unfounded. But, as they say, it 's better to be safe than

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