Essay on Confucianism And Its Impact On Society

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Chinese society has significantly changed over time through the collapse of dynasties, wars, and political reforms. With each new generation comes forth their own specific values that can determine the degree of change in their society, one of these values is Confucianism. The core of Confucianism remains strong throughout China’s history for the last two millennia despite the collapse and revival throughout history. Looking back at the Maoist era today, despite the Communist ideology, one can see the lasting influence and correlation of Confucian ideals and beliefs for China’s government, family, and education.
What was Confucian impact upon government, family, and education? With the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, what kind of political reforms contribute to these traditional changes? And how has contemporary China adopted these changes? The answers to these questions are important; not only they are correlated and have similar relationship, but they explain the importance of Confucian traditional influences and impacts despite Mao regime and the Communist ideology.
Although many consider Confucianism as a religion, but it originated as an ideological system of ethics and moral created by Confucius during the Han Dynasty. At the time society faced political struggle, moral and ethical chaos, and intellectual conflict; Confucius teaching was to put Chinese’s society back on track. His philosophies and moral ideals are based on the core principle of…

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