Confucius's The Analects

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When “The Analects” was released to Chinese culture many years ago, it began to shape their culture and society for the better. While Confucius was alive he did a measure of philosophy teachings, and he even wrote “The Analects. “The Analects” was a literary composition that consisted of Philosophical quotes from Confucius. Within “The Analects” Confucius uses analogies like the superior man, mean man, and gives examples of filial piety, while teaching his philosophy. Even though Confucius taught on many subjects, I find that some of his teachings on the superior man are interesting and that they can relate and also be applied to todays society.
When the superior man is introduced in Confucius’s teachings, he is a person who uses wisdom to
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For instance, “The superior man does not want to die without leaving his name behind” (“The Analects of Confucius”, pg. 68, line 20). I believe that this line is very relatable to the men in today’s society. I say that because men build up legacies, whether is big or small majority of men would want their legacy to continue. As for me I can personally relate to the quote because of two reasons. The first is because I am the third generation of John in my family and so I want to name my first son John. Second because the history of my last name, I wouldn’t want that to end with me. Although Confucius had writings and teachings that are relatable, he also had teachings that could be used as ways of …show more content…
This is shown when Confucius said, “The superior man is slow in words but quick in action” (“The Analects of Confucius, pg. 65, line 24). Meaning that the superior man does not promise before he delivers, pretty much a “I can show better than I can tell you” type of men. This could be away of life for todays society, because majority of people are all talk or talk too much before anything is done. On behalf of myself I respect the the ideal of being a “I can show you better than what I can tell you” type of man, now a day’s people talk so much, that barely anything gets done. People that just do the work are highly respected in any business arena, that I want to go into. So I had to take the quote into consideration, because I want to better my

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