Importance Of Confucianism

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When people hear Confucius or Confucianism many may say they have never heard about him or they have heard about why is he important.The Golden Rule may sound more familiar to people. Confucius was an important educator and Chinese philosopher. Whose teachings of moral, social, political and philosophical behaviors in theory later became a foundation called Confucianism. Confucius is one of the few leaders who based their philosophy on the virtues that are required for the day-to-day living, his unique ways and views on the world made him one of the most known philosophers. Confucius lived from 551 to 479 B.C. Growing up Confucius was not wealthy he was the son of a Nobleman. When his father passed away unexpectedly Confucius decided develop …show more content…
He had recognized the opportunity to reinforce the societal values of compassion and tradition. His social philosophy was based on the principles of “Ren and loving others” while still practicing self-discipline. He believed Ren could be put in action using the Golden Rule.” What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others” That is one of the very few quotes that are very familiar in todays society. That saying has very strong meaning in every country. Confucius not only made a change and switch in the Chinese culture it also shifts in the American culture are Confucianism came about. In school from the first day of kindergarten I have heard they saying follow the golden rule. Which just amazes me how a man so inspiring is still brought up through his words and inspiration to others from so long ago. Confucius was known for his views on life, his joking manner even though they were jokes they were also wise sayings. Confucius used metaphoric saying to describes the deep truths about life. he had a strong love for poetry and songs he would even interpret them. A lot of people did not understand the meaning of what he may have meant by his quotes. Or where he was coming from within it. Trustworthiness and serenity were important to Confucius because he felt as if words were often worthless if one did not have evidence to back it up.In addition confucius esteemed education in high regards believing that through it one could reach high standard of a

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