Confucianism In Kong Qiu's Influence Of The Common Man

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I’m sure we’ve all heard the quote, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life (Brainy Quote, 2015).” When I first heard the quote, it was from my 9th grade English teacher and I couldn’t tell you who had said it. But every day, she would repeat the same quote almost like clockwork and it stuck with me. With a little help from google, I found out that the quote belong to Kong Qiu or for many of us Confucius. Born around 551 BC, he lost his father at the tender age of 3 and grew up in poverty with his mother. Growing up in this horrible poverty was perhaps the greatest influence that helped shape Confucius into the philosopher he is known for today and possibly the reason why he stressed the dignity of the ‘Common Man’ (Confucius, 2015). His teachings were not only important to the common man but for …show more content…
Confucius wanted to be able to educate all despite their social status but he also wanted to be able to teach students according to their own characteristics (China Confucianism: Life of Confucius, Influences, Development, 2015). The first of these broke the tradition of only have aristocracy having the privilege of education. “His philosophy of education focused on the "Six Arts": archery, calligraphy, computation, music, chariot-driving and ritual (Confucius, 2015).” For Confucius the main objective of being an educator was to be able to teach people to live with integrity. Throughout his teachings, he strove to restore the traditional values of propriety, ritual and benevolence in Chinese society. Around 479 B.C. he left Lu on a 14 year journey, in which taught and spread his ideas on society and government in China. Upon his return to Lu, his son died and two years later his most beloved student died. Inconsolable over the death of his son, and student he died less than 3 years later (Confucius,

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