Justifiable Murder And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Justifiable Murder n after by sentencing over 72,000 to death in his reign. ()By the 1700’s English established that over 200 different crimes that would seem nearly insignificant today were punishable by death. For example, execution was a reasonable punishment for cutting down a neighbor 's tree. ( ) In the days of monarchy few doubted the morality of executions. Most believed that king had the divine right to do so from God himself. Going further in a christian perspective, Paul writes in Romans 12 not to avenge ourselves, but to let God be the judge over man.
To maintain order in society punishment is needed for crime, it is a social norm. One expects there to be consequences for breaking the laws set in place. This is one of the reasons why we have the death penalty. It provides “the perfect punishment” for murderers, a life for a life. But punishment’s arguably most important purpose is to deter crime. Deterrence has the greatest effect on society as a whole (Winters 90). The death penalty it just that, the greatest deterrence. What could make you think more about killing someone than considering that you 're also putting your own life at stake? There is one flaw in this theory. Criminals have to assume that there is a chance of them getting caught. Deterrence can only work when a potential criminal considers the consequences for their actions. Obviously most criminals do. This is why, for example, camera screens are placed in shopping centers to show that you 're…

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