The Most Common Medical Problems Essay

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Single female Christian, slightly obese, age 22, with poor self-image. In this case, it does not matter if she was slightly obese, it still called obesity. The obesity is usually defined as a condition in which a person’s weight is more above normal weight. Obesity is the most common medical problems. It affects every person regardless of age categories. Obesity had several risk factor can leading someone to death but still obese can be preventable. We need to be successful in its treatment and control of obesity. However, I believe that the numbers of detection and counseling obese person at physicians’ level it remain low. Therefore, there is big gap exists between the need to provide obesity and the actual provision of it is care.
1. What are the key issues for the parishioner(s)?
I think the parishioner key issues are a unique and mixed with spiritual, social, educational. She was seeking for helping relationships, to name only a few. I believe that most of pastoral care and pastoral counseling occurs not in the office suites of specialists, but it happens in the churches where people were together worship, study, socialize, and work together. Second, the parishioner believes that religious leaders were very accessible just like pastor. Although, we can see some of them were refusal to counseling on some areas. Obesity is a serious, chronic medical condition which is associated with a wide range of debilitating and life-threatening conditions. It imposes…

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