Obesity Is Not A Choice Essay

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Weighted Down: Obesity Is Not A Choice

Obesity has become a leading cause of death and disease in America. Despite years of efforts to reduce obesity in America, Federal health officials reported that although years spent working to reduce obesity in America has not affected this epidemic. The portion of obese Americans had a slight increase in numbers (Tavernise). Sixty-eight percent of adults and eighteen percent of children living in America are either overweight or obese. Our nation and our individuals will suffer if every person living in America does not start looking at this epidemic as critically important. Obesity is not a person’s destiny. It is preventable which may be why it causes such frustration for any person that is
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They seem to be directly tied to the rise in production of corn and soy crops along with the boom is fast food restaurants. It appears to be a vicious cycle of overproduction of corn and soy that is used in overly processed foods that directly contribute to the obesity epidemic. Corn and soy can be produced very inexpensively. Large industrial farmers have turned what once was food into a commodity. The government gives very large subsidies these large industrial farmers while fruit and vegetable farmers do not receive any subsidies. It is a problem for small family farms that want to expand because they do not have the money to fight for their share of subsidies. Large corporations have much more of a voice than the small family owned farms. Growing these cheap crops of corn in turn feeds the livestock of fast food restaurants. They also buy the wheat to make the buns very cheaply (The Weight). This is a good explanation for explaining dollar menus and how fast food restaurants are able to keep their prices down. We are filling up on cheap fast foods that may be convenient, but to the detriment of our health. While the United States government spends around thirty million dollars a year on farming unhealthy crops, it is spending around a hundred million dollars on fighting diseases related to obesity (The Weight). Corn and soy crops make up over 50 percent of the farmland in America. Fruits …show more content…
Obesity is not a choice, yet you have people who feel they are completely justified by making cruel remarks or giving a person struggling with obesity looks of disgust. A person is not obese due to laziness or lack of willpower. There are many more issues that have caused this epidemic and it has become clear that changes have to be made. This is a battle that belongs to every single person. It cannot be fought by simply a few. We as communities must bring this to the forefront of the cities we live in and show them statistically what will happen if we do not get this epidemic under control. Healthcare will continue to climb. Death and diseases from obesity will worsen. Children will die at earlier ages and the quality of life for these individuals will suffer. Depression, suicide, and lack of social networks are prevalent among obese individuals. Empathy needs to be part of the solution. Fat shaming has to be stopped and understanding needs to be broadened. Obesity can happen to anyone. It is a disease just like cancer. The only real difference is it is preventable and oftentimes reversible. A person can lose just seven percent of their body weight and see a reduction in disease processes (The Weight). To really help stop and eventually reverse obesity especially among the poverty stricken people, we have to start realizing the issues in broader terms as opposed to

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