America 's Ideal Family, A Perfect Family Essay

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Imagine this: a businessman with a generous salary, his stay at home wife keeps the house clean, the dog fed and their two children, one boy-one girl, cared for. Their one story house is in the best neighborhood with the whitest picket fence on the block. This is America’s ideal family, a perfect family. Now imagine this: a man too concerned with being masculine to bath his children or to help his frantic wife with the housework. The dutiful wife up to her arms in cleaning, lacking any social interaction outside of the house and the pressure from society to be the best wife and mother all while being a size two. The second image is a convergence of gender roles within the household and intersectionality. Although America’s families are changing to include single parent and same sexed parents; the gender roles are still heavily applied to heterosexual couples. From the 1950’s to 2016 women still struggle for equality within the home, with vast improvement compared to the past but many more hurdles to come.
Liz Phair, an American rock singer, once said, “I was raised to be a very intelligent housewife.” This is the ideology that to this day is still taught and forced upon women and children. Society tells women, “you’re nothing without a man,” their mothers tell them, “you must have children it’s your womanly purpose,” and men tell them, “sweetie you couldn’t do that. Leave it to the men.” The way women are socialized, from conception, from birth, versus the way men are—is…

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