Stay At Home Dads Analysis

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In our country, there are ongoing changes to what has been considered normal in the eyes of society concerning gender roles. Changing the views of society to see something different is no easy task. Many mindsets are still following the ideas of women not being capable of doing “typical man” things, such as changing a tire, and men doing “typical women” things, such as caring for children. In an essay written by Kathleen Deveny, “Who You Callin’ a Lady?”, she sheds light on the expectations given to women within our society and how women are expected to act. While Glenn Sacks explains the joyful rewards he has found by becoming a full-time caretaker of his children in an essay titled, “Stay At Home Dads.” Within these essays, both genders are downgraded for going against what society sees as normal.
Glenn Sacks, a former educator and now writer, wrote his essay to explain the trails he and other stay-at-home-dads have come across because of society's perspective on what they should be doing as the male figure in the family. Most of society still believes that the best place for a man is being the main provider of the family. Many also see stay-at-home-dads as not
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“One problem is that women aren’t supposed to be aggressive or self-promoting- that’s nasty male behavior...And yet if professional women are too nice and cuddly, they don’t seem decisive or tough enough to be leaders.” It appears that in the eyes of the public nobody can win, both men and women are judged negatively and positively depending on the situation. However, over the years men are beginning to take over the roles as mothers and women take over the roles as leaders. People need to do what is best for their families instead of going by what is considered by society as normal. In the end, is it society that pays your bills or do they raise your

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