The Creation Of Individual Communities Essay

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Layout of the Forum

Discord is set up so that the creation of individual communities is possible. In order to start a community, a server is created. This is the community with the largest number of people. The server used by this community, for instance, was labeled the ‘No Chill Zone’, as a satyrical reference to a pop phrase used on the internet (“_____ has no chill.”). Within the server, there are text channels. These include pictures, text, and video. Voice channels are created within the servers to allow members to speak to one another while they share media through the conversation threads. Any number of voice and text channels can be created within a server. This allows members to speak to one another as a group or in private. On an individual level, members each have their own profile. Once they join a server, members are able to create nicknames that only exist within that server. This creates a sense of community within the members of the server by giving the members similarities.

In the case of this community, members communicate through one or more of the same servers, and most were introduced to those servers through people with whom they had already formed real life relationships. For example, Chase was introduced to someone who is now a friend through a mutual friend who had invited Chase to join their server. The two now make time in real life to visit with one another. The shared servers allow gamers to form new experiences within…

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