Personal Connection In The Digital Age By Nancy Baym

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Book review
"personal connection in the digital age" by Nancy Baym The book that I chose to review is called "personal connection in the digital age" by Nancy K. Baym. This book addresses the roles of digital media in personal relationships, especially, the internet and the mobile phone. She explains how online community affects our interpersonal relationships, whether this effect is positive or negative. This book consists of six chapters that cover the historical visions and theoretical perspectives about the influence of digital media on our society and personal connections. The first chapter highlighted some of the issues that caused by new media like the boundaries between private and public, especially internet users and mobile phone
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When Baym began to speak about digital relationships, she initiated with the idea that online communication is not worse than face-to-face communication, it is just a new revision of communication that mixes face-to-face and written techniques. Emojis help us to understand emotions of the real world. For example, we used caps lock to express joy, anger, abbreviations, acronyms, and etc. This makes online communication is similar to face to face communication and just as valuable as connections in the real world. Users are capable to make serious relationships and also they can maintain those relationships, and credit goes to photos, videos, and etc. Commenting on groups, Baym refers to a term called “networked individualism"; a group of people that are focused on the individual (not members or agencies) that has evolved online. Because of this, people are able to choose what matters to them and make the content they’re exposed to directly in line with their interests and are therefore more involved in activities than non …show more content…
Furthermore, I have noticed that Baym did not pay more attention to the issue of privacy and how it affects on personal connections in the digital world. I do believe that privacy matter is considered an noticeable weakness of digital media If it is misused. Thus, I hope if she talked about it in more depth with investigation of many examples from our contemporary life. In general, this book is worth reading because it provides an overview of everyday life that has a close connection to technology and digital media. Surely I recommend this book to those people who are interested in technology and its impact on the people. Also it is a useful for those who are interested in personal relationships and its

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