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A crime in which a persons home or business has been broken into and items were taken from that structure.
A crime in which the victim is forced into sex by a person he/she is familiar with or has been with the person willfully earlier in the day.
Date Rape
A crime in which money or other belongings is taken through force, threat, or deception. This type of crime is most common in the business community.
A crime in which a persons personal property is taken.
A person who kills at least four people at the same time. This crime is usually committed for revenge against people that the suspect knows.
Mass Murderer
The manner in which a person commits a crime. The type of victim, type of weapon, type of entry, and type of exit.
Modus Operandi
A crime in which the victim is assaulted for the act of taking the victim's belongings.
A crime in which the criminal has sexual intercourse with the victim without their consent.
A person who kills more than four people over an extended period of time.
Serial Killers
A person that has no remorse for what they have done or are about to do. This person will often manipulate others before killing them.
A crime in which sexual intercourse between males has taken place or unusual sexual intercourse between a male and a female have taken place.
A person who kills several people in different locations but in a very short period of time.
Spree Killer
Processes the crime scene for evidence, victims, and witnesses.
Crime Scene Technicians
Analyzes trace evidence such as body fluids, tissues, hair, and any other body parts for blood and DNA typing.
Biology Unit
Analyze trace evidence such as paint, glass, soil, and unknown substances for their identity and possible connection to a suspect.
Chemistry Unit
Analyze bodily fluid for the precense of drugs and/or poisons that may have played a factor in a crime.
Analyze documents, art, and money for signs of forgeries and tampering.
Document Examination
Analyze tool marks at a crime scene to connect them with known tools form a sespects home or possession.
Toolmark Identification
Dust, lift, and analyze fingerprints at a crime scene.
Fingerprinting Unit
Will analyze the crime scene to get an idea to as what tyoe of person could have committed such a crime.
Criminal Profiling
Analyze items such as shell casing, guns, and bullet holes to try to match the evidence at a crime scene with a known source.
Firearms Unit
Analyze human remains to try to identify the cause of death and search for clues that may have belonged to the suspect.
Death Investigation
May work alongside death investigators to determine how long a body has been dead by observing the types of bugs on the decaying body.
May work alongside death investigators to find the identity of a victim by observing the victims teeth and comparing them to known X-rays of past dental patients.