Essay about Gun Control And The United States

2338 Words Nov 1st, 2016 10 Pages
Gun control has been a widely debated topic for long time, all over the world. This year, gun control is one of the many important, controversial issues of the United States presidential election. Many seemingly simple solutions exist to conquer this issue, though under intense scrutiny, no solution stands firm as the most logical answer. These solutions seek to lower the amount of people murdered each year by firearms, as the United States ranks as the 11th deadliest country in the world in terms of deaths by firearms. However, one so-called “solution” sticks out: the taking away and banning of all firearms in the United States. This path would take the United States down an even darker path, a well-worn path also trodden by countries such as England and Russia. This darker path would increase the amount of murders in the United States. There are solutions, however, that would avoid this path and the mistakes that are easily seen in the abovementioned countries. Gun control is not the answer to gun violence in the United States because it has been proven to not work, criminals do not follow laws and will continue to obtain weapons, and it is unconstitutional. An argument often made by supporters of more gun control is a simple one, and a logical solution at the superficial level. Their argument is that less guns would equal less deaths. And while this statement is not wrong, a deeper look into the process of banning firearms shows all of the flaws and ignorance of the…

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