The Truth Behind The Mask Essay

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The Truth Behind the Mask: Human Right Abuses in Transnational China
Whenever I visited Beijing, China, I could see buildings of many large corporations such as McDonalds and Walmart. However, the Southern parts of China have a completely different appearance. When I was a child, I used to visit Guangzhou every year and could see many factories and thousands of workers who came from other parts of China. Nowadays, poor workers still migrate to Southern cities to work for the transnational corporations. Many of them have to work long hours every day to provide for their families. Usually, they can only go home during the Chinese New Year and use trains to reach their homes. Most of these trips are quite uncomfortable because the trains are packed with thousands of people standing and sitting on the floor with their luggage. I often asked myself why Southern cities in China were so overcrowded. Eventually, I learned that globalization led to regional overpopulation witnessed in the area.
I knew this economic movement had led to an increase in trade and created new opportunities for manufacturing companies, but I also knew it had created problems because transnationals were violating human rights. Multinational corporations benefited from free trade since they could operate in countries around the world. Economic globalization also created opportunities for investors who were looking for new markets. These opportunities promoted collaboration among people. Similarly,…

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