The Cost Of Post Secondary Essay

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Every semester I ask myself the same three questions and the longer I have been pursuing post secondary the more I think about the costs of post-secondary in comparison to the benefits of my degree. I work part time at Bed Bath and Beyond to help my parents pay rent and keep food on the table so every time I look at class registration I always artistically stack my classes like Greek columns to grab as many hours as I can at work. My father always says that you can’t do anything without money and it’s the truth you can’t, and it shames me because the academic route I decided to take isn’t known for the Steve Jobs of the world but rather the eco-terrorists and political upstarts. Public policy has always been my passion because of the social and economic changes it can make that enfranchise the people in the most need and it has been my ambition to protect temporary workers from low corporate regulation in terms of training and safety that has run rampant during the Harper government. We have seen a rise in temporary workers in the Canadian economy than ever before yet there is a parallel rise in the mistreatment of temporary workers ever since. Although I won’t be the Steve Jobs of the family like my father probably hoped for, I aim to be the post 1990 Bill Gates philanthropist that my father would have wished for. Affecting policy for overseas foreign workers has always been my ambition. There are half a million-migrant worker’s in the current Canadian workforce with no…

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