Student Loan Argumentative Essay

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All around the globe, there have been debates on the price of College education. College is a very significant place for students to start their lives. College should be affordable and available for students that want to pursue in something. If officials choose to make college affordable, there will be an increase in lifetime salaries and more employment options. “Student loan debt was over one trillion dollars, and more than eight hundred fifty thousand students loans were in default” (college education). The reasons why this number is big is because, parents have to pay bills, put food in their homes, and provide clothes for their children. The reason student loan debt is so high is because parents are paying tuition. Tuition doesn’t cover staying on campus, or how the students eat. “Most of the four-year graduates average about thirty thousand dollars in debt, and when they graduate they are about one hundred thousand dollars in debt” (America’s). When students graduate college they can not afford to pay loans, because they are starting a new life. Students don’t think about loans, or bills they have to pay they just want to graduate from college and party. Parents have to decide if the want to take money out of retirement, or …show more content…
Parents should not stress over tuition, financial aid, and student debt. Making college affordable will give students more opportunities to gain all the knowledge possible in the field they are going into. College is not fair to the people who can not afford college Paying a minimum amount of money for college allows more students to go, and that will create more experience. When students get out of college they want to start a new life they do not want to worry about debt, they are ready to start their new journey. Now is the time to make a change on the prices of a college education, let 's all make a change on college education

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