A Social Network By Alex Mehr And Shayan Zadeh. B. Zoosk Essay examples

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The focal company of the case is Zoosk, a “romantic social network” founded by Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh.
b. Zoosk is both a website and an app that allows individuals to meet form relationships through their existing social networks.

2. Analyzing consumers
a. Right from its initial launch, Zoosk focused on worldwide users. Because Zoosk had two Iranian-American founders and a French Vice President of Marketing, the Zoosk team believed that the company was able to celebrate cultural differences. Since love is everywhere, the Zoosk team wanted to be present wherever there is romance. With this international focus in mind, by 2012, Zoosk users were 50% from the United States and 50% international. Although Zoosk targets regions globally, at the time of the case’s writing, Zoosk specifically had not entered the market in China, Japan, or South Korea because of the challenges these countries foster.
Age-wise, Zoosk targeted users who were younger than those of competitor’s services. This is a major benefit for Zoosk’s targeting efforts since there are generally more single people in younger age groups than in older age groups (pg 7). Because of this, the Zoosk team is able to introduce its services to users several years before those users will be targeted by most competitors. Within those several years, Zoosk has the ability to prove its value and retain customers. Zoosk targets individuals of all genders and romantic preferences, as love is love. While Zoosk primarily…

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