The Effects Of Alcohol Impaired Driving On College Students Essay

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College students are particularly susceptible to alcohol-impaired driving(15). Various studies among university students, mainly from high-income countries found high levels of drinking and driving(16). In the USA, almost 3.4 million college students drove under the influence of alcohol and while half of all traffic fatalities among 18–24 years old were alcohol related drink-driving and 41% of college student drinkers report driving after any alcohol use, 17% report driving after drinking five or more drinks, and 28% reported riding with an intoxicated driver(17). In New Zealand, 81% of both women and men drank in the previous 4 weeks, 37% reported 1 or more binge episodes in last week, 14% of women and 15% of men reported 2+ binge episodes in the last week, and 68% scored in the hazardous range (4+) on the AUDIT consumption subscale(18). A study of drinking and driving among university students in 22 low, middle income and emerging economy countries with 18476 university students, of which 15151 (82.0%) were drivers of a car or motorcycle (41.3% men and 58.7% women) from 22 countries across Africa, Asia, and Americas. Overall results, 17.3% reported driving a car or motorcycle after having had too much to drink in the past 12 months, ranging from below 5% in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Kyrgyzstan to above 35% in China, Singapore and Thailand(16).
Peltzer, K. et al., (2015) and LaBrie et al., (2011) explained that the six factors associated with drinking and driving have…

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