Ancient Greek, Roman, And Chinese Societies Essay

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In ancient Greek, Roman, and Chinese societies, the ideal woman was subordinate to her husband. She was expected to obey without question and do what was best for her family. Xenophon’s Home Economics and Ban Zhao’s Lessons for Women, and the Roman Laws describe such women and marriages of the ancient world. Each of the three societies differed slightly, and some even had exceptions to the general belief of marriages in that time. Nonetheless, the writings from each of the societies illustrate the respect for women and the inequality among men and women in marriage.
Ancient Greece, 360 BCE, was a wonderful place to live for male citizens. Everyone else was relevant to society but did not exercise as much control officially as the male citizens seemed to. This was shown in other parts of Greek lives, such as marriage. As in most other nations, Greek women married young and were expected to dutifully obey their husbands. The excerpt from Home Economics is about a man speaking to another man about how he had to train his wife to do household duties because she was merely 15 when he married her. In the excerpt, the husband speaks of what the most important thing in a marriage is. He states, “the best behavior in a man and woman is that which will keep up their property and increase it as far as may be done by honest and legal means.” (5) This gives readers insight into the society of ancient Greece and the marriages of that society. The marriage was about strengthening families…

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