Gender Roles In Antigone

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Defying Gender Roles
How many times have you been in a situation where gender roles played a major factor? Gender roles affect every aspect of our life. The gender roles of males and females both develop as a pattern of behavior based on genes. Males and females are expected to follow certain gender roles in today’s society. In the play Antigone, the main character shows a simple example of a courageous woman defying her gender limits. Gender roles are very important by creating tension in the story. Antigone is a great illustration of how gender roles can be defied and overcome, just as women in today’s society are shattering the glass ceiling.
In the beginning of ancient Greece, women had as many rights as the slaves. Women would live under
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Antigone’s rebellion is threatening because it causes problems with gender roles. The play, Antigone, brought to light the struggle of oppressed women during that time period. In the beginning of Antigone, Ismene and Antigone are arguing about burying their brother’s body. As young females, they cannot fight men in authority. They are perceived as weak-minded and must follow male authority. Creon believes that men should be the ones to rule while women should obey. Antigone does not like Creon’s law and takes matters into her own hands. Creon goes on to say, “we have to... never let women get the better of us… if we must fall, better to fall to a real man and not be called worse than women” (Nagelsen). Creon does not believe that any women are as strong as a man. He believes that Antigone deserves a harsh punishment for disobeying his …show more content…
The roles of women emphasize the effects of their power. Antigone was determined to suffer death rather than give up her dignity and the honor of her family. Creon feared the actions of women affecting his power. Antigone’s actions were mocking the power of a man. Creon states, “Go down below and love, if love you must- love the dead! While I’m alive, no woman is going to lord it over me” (Sophocles 810). As king, Creon feels he should only love his city and rules of regulations. Men do not want to be outsmarted by women who may have more knowledge. They do not want women to be correct about the situation. Equally important, Antigone disobeyed her uncle’s law and did what was right. Creon demonstrates a prejudice against women. Antigone is showing gender roles and betrayal between family. Furthermore, Antigone risked her life to do the right thing. This conflict within Antigone did not resolve the gender role issue; however, it did create

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