Discrimination Against Women In Roman Times

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It is no surprise that men have generally gotten more benefits than females. For example, the wage disparities for men and women are high, despite the job being the same. There are not as many women in top level management positions then there are men. And this is a global phenomenon. This makes one wonder, were women always discriminated against? Well in ancient Roman times, men citizen heads to a family group were the only people with full rights. Even when a family head was not present, women had no [civil] rights unless given permission by their guardian (Cantarella, 1987). Even in ancient Roman times, the rights that women had were very limited. To continue, males had the “ideal form for achieving perfection, while the female body was …show more content…
It really is not fair when the husbands disrespected their wives and cheated on them. In fact, cheating on your wife was considered normal and wives had to accept the scandalous behavior. It feels like a slap on the face for being loyal. The worst part was when the female cheated; she had consequences to deal with. They were never really considered equal, as mentioned as a source by Valerius Maximus “Egnatius Mecenius beat his wife to death with a club because she had drunk some wine. And not only did no one bring him to court because of this deed, but no one even reproached him...men thought she deserved the punishment”(Valerius Maximus, Memorable Deeds and Words 6.3.9). In essence, gender status was a huge role in who made impact on society. This is not to say however that women were not loved by their husbands. Some men cherished their wives and females in general, for all the responsibilities that they had, “since it is difficult for a woman to win praise in new areas of endeavor…we must inevitably cherish the traits which they have in common” (CIL 6.10230). Though women were loved and respected, there is no denying that men had a higher

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