Free Speech On The Internet Essay

1832 Words Nov 1st, 2016 8 Pages
Nowadays, the internet has become an integral part of our life. Especially, the social media websites become the source of entertainment where people can openly express their opinions. However, in the discussion of free speech on the internet, one controversial issue is about the content of the post and tone using in the comment is not appropriate for all the users. On the one hand, some Americans argue that the social media sites should have no regulations. On the other hand, some users insist that regulation should be on the social media sites because they are feeling humiliated as they might not enough strong to tolerate the mockery of others. My own view is there should be regulation on the internet as they people feel depressed or hurtful from offensive posts and comments. Therefore, the social media companies can set clearer guidelines for such people who harassing others and the police should be trained to resolve the online issues. First of all, people are using the social media as a forum where they can be aggressive and violent in their posts and comments by having a support of the power of free speech, and as a result, they become uncivil. These cruel people may be trolls who want to create disturbance in the life of their target through harshly criticizing and threatening posts and comments. One of the illustrations of uncivil behavior that trolls have done with Jessica Valenti, a feminist writer who has quit the social media because she received rape threat…

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