Essay On Mental Health Issues

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Around the world today there are a lot of people who deal with mental health issues that have no affective cure. The lack of medical treatment for mental health is negatively affecting people around the world resulting in criminal actions. A major mental health issue that affects people negatively is mood disorders. Mood disorders can range from depression and bipolar disorder. Each mood disorder has a lack of medical treatment for the mentally ill people that could eventually help them live more normal lives. Due to the lack of medical treatment to mood disorders, criminal action has taken place varying from drug abuse to violent actions. A mental health issue that also is lacking medical treatment is psychotic disorders. Psychotic disorders …show more content…
The lack of treatment to this area makes criminal actions take place such as minor crimes but also major crimes involving violence. There are two main types of personality disorders: paranoid personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. All of the mental health issues create negative effects on people due to the lack of medical treatment that eventually leads to criminal actions. Mental health issues, such as mood disorders, are negatively affecting people around the world due to the lack of medical treatment to this field which results in criminal actions. A specific mood disorder that is causing crime due to lack of medical treatment is depression. Depression is a mood disorder that makes people very sad and experience a loss of interest in daily activities. The lack of medical treatment, such as antidepressants, is beginning to start a lot of negative issues for the youth around the world. The “6 out of 10 young people” who are known to have severe depression and that are in risk of suicide or self-harm “do not get treatment needed to support them” ("Mental Health in America - Access to Care Data”) resulting in criminal actions such as drug or

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