The Effects Of Drinking Alcohol On American History Essay

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Drinking culture, both in the United States and China, has transformed over generations of time. Dating back to the prohibition, alcohol consumption has played a big role socially in American history. In the United States- due to advertising, availability, and the social norm of drinking- there is a growth in alcohol related problems. The social norm of binge drinking, a major shift in the drinking culture, is geared towards groups and seen largely in college age students. “In the college setting, the individual perception that others in the peer network are binge drinking and that they approve of binge drinking has been associated with the same drinking behavior in individuals” (Ahern, 2008). This phenomenon leads to poor drinking habits and other health complications, even after graduation. In the Chinese culture, there has also been a rise in alcohol consumption, creating the potential for a major national health impact. Alcohol was formally used in traditional Chinese medicines 7000 years ago (Hao, 2005). Since then, the consumption has become more based around the numerous social gatherings, with the consumption starting at a younger age than historically seen in China. Alcohol consumption has always been a part of the American and Chinese social cultures, offering numerous similarities and differences in regards to college drinking behavior.

American Drinking Culture

In the United States, drinking is used as a social behavior to enhance a college experience.…

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