Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

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In the United States at the age of eighteen, a person is considered an adult. At this age an individual is able to do things such as join the army, vote, purchase tobacco, move out of parent house, get married and more. The age of eighteen is the age of adulthood in the United States. Adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol intake, not the government making the decision for them. By lowering the legal drinking age to eighteen this would lower the number of underage drinkers. If the age were to be lowered there would actually be fewer minors going on binge drinking sprees.This can help save lives. However, by the drinking age being at twenty-one years old, it has been useless. More benefits would appear if the drinking age were to be lowered. At the age of eighteen, an individual is automatically considered an adult in the United States. Adulthood comes with an extensive list of rights such as the right to vote, join the army, purchase tobacco, move out of parents house, get married and the list continues. But drinking alcohol is not included in this list of adult advantages. If someone become an adult at eighteen but are told they can 't drink, does this really make an eighteen-year-old an adult? Assuming that individuals who are …show more content…
One might be because they may feel that alcohol intake can impede the development of the young adult brains. Another reason why someone might oppose can be because they feel like it is going to limit young adults from drinking and driving and possibly losing their life. Even though that opposition is possible lowering the drinking age can actually save a life. By allowing eighteen-year-old adults to be able to drink this will teach young adults to drink responsibly at a younger age. Other than that there are numerous reasons as to why the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen years

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