The Death Penalty Is A Moral Evil Essay

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The death penalty has been a contentious issue for many legal systems globally. The decision whether the implementation of the sentence is right or wrong often creates division among the masses. The aim of the paper is to decipher what the death penalty entails as well as discuss the benefits and consequences associated with adaptation of the sentence as a judgment in criminal cases. The discussion involves understanding the gravity of the use of the death penalty as well as addresses moral, legal and religious issues relating to the punishment 's implementation.
The morals are often associated with norms accepted by a particular society for example in some societies lesbianism is morally correct while in others the form of relationship is condemned as a moral evil. In the United States where the issue of capital punishment and in turn the death penalty, the moral question often asked is whether the convicted persons deserve to die for their crimes. The country has a long legacy of discrimination issues based on wealth and race, and the judicial system is considered to "favor" the wealthy regardless of their innocence. Thus the immoral scenario presented by the corruption of the court system advocates for rejection of the death penalty. The moral question thus creates a ground for the necessity to reject the form of punishment to avoid condemnation as a result of discrimination. The society often oppresses the death penalty on the basis that the state does not have the…

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