Conflict Between American Indians And The Gulf Of Time By Mary Rowlandson And Herman Melville Shared

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A Comparison Between Authors from Vastly Different Eras

At first glance, you might assume that authors living and writing on topics existing over 150 years apart would be so vastly different with no realistic chance of sharing a common message. Each author lived in distinct time periods with marked differences in writing styles, religious backgrounds, and motivations. The daily habits and obstacles of each would be entirely foreign to the other had they ever had the opportunity to meet. One struggled daily to obtain food while the other could simply purchase it at the local store. Despite their separation in in the gulf of time, Mary Rowlandson and Herman Melville shared similar experiences in witnessing the interaction of two cultures and their attempts occupy the same space at the same time. While the New World offered an abundance of social and financial potential, it simultaneously fostered the negative aspects of human nature. Giving an account of the horrendous acts committed by both sides, history acts as a third party in telling of the confrontations between American Indians with white settlers. Without a doubt, slavery caused untold controversy, but history again lends witness to these events with facts, names, and dates. Through their writing, Rowlandson and Melville provide invaluable first-hand accounts reflecting the contemporary attitudes and beliefs held by Americans towards the cultures they encountered and provide context for the explosive violence that…

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