An Uplifting Experience Or Success Essays

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This poem develops a concept that can be understood and related to by people no matter where they live and no matter what time period they live in. The first stanza of this poem brings in the theme, which is something of a short moral statement but is illustrated and described deeply. The theme described is the person who understands success best is the person who does not have it, as stated by “success is counted sweetest by those who ne’er succeed. The theme introduced poses a paradox by saying that those who best know of success are the ones who do not attain it. The rest of the poem uses numerous metaphors to further support the main idea. This starts in the next two lines as Dickinson says “to comprehend a nectar, requires sorest need. Nectar in this case being an uplifting experience or success. To understand it better, try substituting triumph in the sentence instead of nectar. She says that to comprehend this, you must need it. You must have the sorest, or most desperate, need. The second stanza continues on with metaphors for this idea that specifically depict a battle and two armies one victorious and one defeated. The first two lines start the imagery with “not one of all the purple host, who took the flag today”. Dickinson refers to the purple host who took the flag as the ones with success, or since it states who took the flag it would describe who was victorious in battle over another. The last two lines of the stanza, “Can tell the definition,…

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