Global Warming Is The Largest Threat Facing Humanity Today Essay

1975 Words Nov 1st, 2016 8 Pages
Global warming is arguably the largest threat facing humanity today, since 1880 the world 's average temperature has gone up by 0.8 degrees Celsius, and already the effects can be seen with an increase global of cyclones, forest fires, drought and floods. Within the United Kingdom, an increase of 1 degree has occurred since the 1970’s, (Naomi Hicks et al 2013). with this increase in average temperature, the main impact predicted to affect the UK is an increase in the amount of rain in the winter and heat in the summer, (2005 friends of the earth report). The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment for 2017, by the united kingdom’s Committee on Climate Change, summarised that the UK is facing 6 main threats from climate change that need addressing immediately. The report states that Flooding and coastal change will have risks to communities, businesses and infrastructure and that high temperatures will cause risks to health wellbeing and productivity. The also report shows that there will be an increase in the risk of water shortages for the public, agriculture, energy generation and industry, along with large impacts on freshwater ecology. The report mentions that there will be risks to natural capital, including coastal, terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems. The final two main threats the report expressions that Great Britain will face is the risks to domestic and international food production, along with the new threat of pests, diseases and invasive non-native species,…

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