The Role Of Nonprofit Organizations On Homeless Policy Networks : A Research Note

1385 Words Nov 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Organizational collaboration is a prevalent method of sharing knowledge and resources across organizational sectors. Collaboration between different organizations has been used a commonplace alternative, rather than a single organization providing assistance and funds to accomplish their goals. Organizational collaboration has served to be a successful method in many areas of public policy, and the process continues to be replicated in various organizations. While organizational collaboration has been widely studied among government and private agencies, the collaborative leadership of nonprofit organizations is lacking. The article I analyzed argues that nonprofit organizations hold a strong position to take on additional leading roles in human service networks greatly due to their established legitimacy in their communities. I read and evaluated Valero and Jang’s (2016) article “The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Homeless Policy Networks: A Research Note.” The article was first published in Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research in April 2016. This article explores the involvement of nonprofit organizations in federal homeless policy networks in the United States. I was drawn to this article because it discusses collaborative efforts in addressing the social problem of homelessness, which is an area of public policy I am interested in pursuing. I hoped in reading this article, I would find that organizational collaboration is a beneficial and…

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