Case Study: Make A Wish Foundation

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Nonprofits become an essential part of life for many people in need and working in one brings great experiences. Working in management for a nonprofit takes dedication in many aspects and wanting to serve for others. One nonprofit organization that I imagine myself working for is the Make A Wish Foundation. Taking on the role as part of management working as a main manager in the wish team means having a love to give back and help kids with critical medical conditions make their wishes come true.
1. The mission statement of Make A Wish Foundation says that “wishes are more than just a nice thing. And they are far more than gifts, or singular events in time. Wishes impact everyone involved - wish kids, volunteers, donors, sponsors, medical
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It includes working with nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations and other government entities. As a mayor, I want to make sure that my city is growing and doing things right to help the community and so collaboration with all the different organizations needs to be effective. One way that I would plan and/or oversee collaboration is by fostering a creative atmosphere that will build cohesion and get to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all their organizations. “Rather than focusing on operationalizing tacit knowledge, greater emphasis needs to be placed on new ways of talking, fresh forms of interacting, and novel ways of distinguishing and connecting”(Agranoff, pg.127). When working with each of the types of organizations, if I can make it a fun and interacting way to help collaborate that works for the city is something that I hope to do. Collaborating with any of these different entities as mayor needs to also be efficient because there is only so much time for conversation before I would want to move on to some other issue in the city. Fostering a cohesive team in organizations and promoting efficiency in collaboration would be my most important aspects. A lesson that I want to help guide my work in collaboration with these organizations is learning productivity levels for success. As mayor, I want my city to be successful in …show more content…
The role of a mayor serves many parties of interest and so it takes looking at many different people from business owners to one’s without jobs. I have a position that takes knowing what is right and wrong for the community while also being ethical about the decisions. Two ethical principles that I would implement into my role as mayor are 1)”fully inform and advise my city” and 2) “advance professional excellence”(ASPA Code of Ethics). I want the citizens of my city to know that they get all information possible because it helps everyone feel included and I also feel responsible for informing the public of situations going on in the city. Being informative and communicating well with my citizens is one way to show that you care for everyone. In today’s world, there are many ways of communicating whether it be social media or through the newspaper. I want my city to be a safe one and so informing people of the crime going on is one issue that needs addressing to everyone. Being a professional and representing my city is an excellent position to be in and I always should look for ways to improve myself and also others. Advancing professional excellence is important as mayor because if I can improve others on their professional experiences, then their jobs either in the nonprofit sector, public sector or government sector will hopefully be more successful. I want my city to be successful and safe and attractive to others outside the city and so that when they see

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