Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children Essay

2357 Words Nov 1st, 2016 10 Pages
Sydney Weissman, Noah Prince, Dillon Tanner
Dr. Godwin
Sociological Perspectives
31 October, 2016
Effects of divorce on children
Each year, approximately one million American children experience their parents getting divorced. Statistically, 50% of marriages will inevitably end in divorce (Cherlin). That means that every other child living in America comes from a household with a single parent (Booth). Studies have shown that Americans are marrying earlier and only for personal gratification and benefits rather than long term commitment. Therefore, divorce has become a way to rectify a poor decision. This is a big problem amongst society since divorce can create a plethora of sociological issues not only at the time of divorce, but also later in life for their offspring. The family transformation can be hard for the child to accept or even understand depending on the child’s age. Although divorce is a direct result from marital discord, it often creates many problems for children that go unseen by the parents later in their lives. This isn’t true for every situation. Some children come from very high conflict houses. Thus, the child benefits from his or her parents separating since the child isn’t living in a high stress and conflict environment. On the other hand, if the child comes from a low conflict house but his or her parents separate, this will cause the child great stress and confusion. There are three main issues a child will experience after a divorce: a lowered…

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