What Makes A Good Life? Essay

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Everyone has a different view on what having a “good life” means to them. There are millions of ideas on what having a “good life” would be to someone. Throughout history, the meaning of having the “good life” has changed greatly. In some ancient cultures, having a “good life” could be very minuscule compared to what having a “good life” means in today’s world. Sometimes, in ancient cultures people probably could not even have the ability to obtain the “good life” because of how the different cultures were set up. For example, slaves and peasants who were not able to climb the ladder to high prestige. In today’s world, if a person is successful he or she can overcome barriers and achieve the “good life”. Slaves and peasants in the ancient societies could be good people without achieving the “good life”. A good person in ancient civilizations would have a different definition from living the “good life” than from people in the modern society. The ancient civilizations of the Mesopotamians, Hebrews, and the Greeks all have different meanings in what it means to have a “good life”. Compared to the modern day meaning of the good life, the Hebrews and the Greeks are very different, while the Mesopotamians and the modern day definition of a “good life” are similar. The Mesopotamians and the modern day definition of the “good life” are similar because they both seem to need fame to accomplish that. The Mesopotamians have the closest definition to the modern day definition of what…

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