Why Is Stem Education Important? Essay

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Just a mere eleven years ago, in the basement of one of Harrisburg’s elementary/middle schools, a new high school was born. Lisa M. Waller had a vision to bring a college prep high school to the urban youth of Harrisburg so that they might be given the proper tools and skills to excel at a college or university. However, figuring out the way is what is important. Just like many things in life, there are obstacles, trepidations, and doubts that follow a program that is revolutionary to the city of Harrisburg. When investigating more into this it became clear that there was a reason why a college prep science and technology high school needed to be established in the first place. This question means to answer the question of why STEM education is important, especially in a world that relies heavily on scientific and technologic advancements. John Harris High School, once the only high school in the Harrisburg school district, has already graduated thousands of students who have gone on to college or the work force. What about Harrisburg School Districts school system that one woman, an educator, felt that the city needed more for its students? The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology High School (Sci-Tech for short) opened in the fall of 2003 with about approximately 160 students. These 160 students had to go through an application and interview process before being accepted. The students and teachers were housed in Rowland, a middle school in Harrisburg, until…

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